Bill Rogers (billsvoice) wrote,
Bill Rogers

"When puppets go bad" or "why I don't trust car dealers".

OK, so earlier this year, Rt.23 Automall here in NJ decided they wanted to start up a new ad campaign with a loveable muppety mascot named Spike (he's a porcupine). The fine folks at SGW (who make lots of cool ads for lots of cool clients) decided to help them out with this project. A puppet was made and a voice needed to be cast to bring the little guy to life.
In comes me.
With the help of SGW's wonderful green screen studios and cameraman/assistant puppeteer Cesar Cruz, we put together a fun ad introducing Spike as the new "president of Rt.23 automall" just in time for President's Day.
Things seemed to be going along swimmingly, until Rt.23 decided they didn't dig the muppety sounds I had laid down. They wanted something cool and hip, more "Chester Cheetah". So I went back in and did re-records. Then the audio was too slow for the amount of time they had for the spot (a 30 second commercial) so some audio/video had to be sped up (which explains why he looks like he's having a seizure during the end clip).
Then the president decided that HE wanted to voice the character, since HE was the president of Rt.23 Automall. When that didn't work, the whole thing ended up getting shitcanned.
Luckily, my pal Cesar had saved the video and sent it to me. And now it can be shared with all my "close personal friends" on the world wide internet.
Go here to enjoy:
Tags: commercials

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