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More Genshiken on the horizon

Hey gang, it's time to head back to the club.

This week was especially fun for me as I got to go up to Headline and work on Vol. 1 of Genshiken 2.
Originally slated for a June release, this volume has been pushed ahead to 8/25/09. Which meant lots of waiting around for yours truly. But it was worth the wait. I had a blast working on it and I hope it shows in the final release.
We also had the good fortune of doing the Gravitation/Genshiken panel at AnimeNext last weekend, which I felt was really helpful as I finally got to meet the voice of Sasahara, Mr. Michael Perreca (who is just a wonderful guy). I also had the chance to catch up with Joe DiGiorgi, Bill Timoney, Georgette Reilly, Michelle Knotz and Rome Elliot. Getting together with the cast to meet the fans before launching ourselves into another season was especially satisfying as I felt that now we are more connected as a group and the show has a more ensemble feel to it. Not that the first season (or the OVAs for that matter) were any less important, but as an actor who started off doing lots of stage productions, it's always nice to get a feeling of being part of a group. I think it would be really cool if we can all return next year and do another panel after all the recording has been finalized. Maybe even get the rest of the cast to stop by (I really wish we could've had Carol Jacobanis and Kenneth Robert Marlo with us, but unfortunately our Saki and Kosaka had other plans. And no, not together.)
Turnout for the panel could've been a little better than it ended up being, but it was still a whole lot of awesome. I noticed that most of the fans at the panel were actually Gravi fans, and I hope we converted a few over to give Genshiken a chance. It's just such a great show that really has a strong place in the fan community (being an anime about anime fans). So if you know an anime fan who hasn't seen it, make sure you show it to them. Let's build up the Genshiken fan base so that next year the room will be filled to bursting with fanboy (and fangirl) love.
And don't forget to run over to Amazon or and pre-order Genshiken 2. I don't make any extra money from the sales of the show or from promoting it. It's just a show that deserves to get more recognition.
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