Gravitation & Genshiken fans take note!

As I posted recently, I will be once again returning to AnimeNext this year (now in it's new location in Somerset, NJ). The convention is gearing up to be another great one with the recently announced addition of VA veteran Mike Pollock ( returning for another appearance as well as a "first ever convention appearance" by the talented Stacie Renna (

But things are getting even better! Those who attended last year may remember that Rich McNanna, Michele Knotz, Joe DiGiorgi and I did both a Gravitation and a Genshiken panel. Well, we felt that a lot of material that was discussed in one panel was also discussed in the other. So this year, there will be a combined panel. But this year will be even better as the convention is currently in the process of getting some more of the great voice talent that worked on both shows to make appearances. They will all converge on one big panel (which is tentatively scheduled for Sunday 6/14) which will also be followed by an autograph session.

So get in line folks, this one promises to be HUGE!!! Not only will you be able to ask your favorite VAs questions about your favorite shows, but you can then get your favorite piece of paraphernalia signed by said voice actors immediately afterwards. So get your DVDs, wall scrolls, art books and kumagoro plush packed, because this promises to be one of the most unique gatherings ever. Not only does this promise to be the largest gathering of VAs for these shows in one room, but at this point in time, I can promise at least one appearance by a VA that has NEVER done a con appearance before.

So if you are part of a Gravitation or Genshiken fan group or mailing list, please help me spread the word. Let's make this thing one of the biggest turnouts for AnimeNext ever! I will be announcing more as things are locked in for the con, but you can also keep an eye on for more info.

More convention goodness

Whelp, as I mentioned earlier this month, I will be at the Castle Point Anime Convention tomorrow.
One of their people put together a video flier in the tradition of the old 8bit style NES games.
It can be found here:

Also wanted to let you all know that I will be at Florida Supercon June 5th-7th.
I've never done a convention in Florida before, and this one's got Bruce Campbell as a guest so that's pretty damned cool as well.

Info can be found at:

Fun with YouTube

Hey gang,

I realized that I never mentioned these clips on my LJ.

For a fun interview at T-Mode 07 go here:

To see a sample of the web cartoon project Blue & Blond (with me as the voice of Sunkist) go here:

I am currently in the process of setting up my own YouTube page so that I can display lots more fun stuff on the web. I'll give y'all an update when it's ready.

Pokemon update

Hey gang, hope you've been enjoying the latest season of Pokemon. Just wanted to let you know that next week's episode is a really fun Brock story. Titled "Doc Brock" it really helps to show just how important Brock is to the group. It airs next Saturday (2/14) at 9AM on Cartoon Network, so I hope you can all catch it.
Also the day after that (Sunday 2/15) is the world premiere of Pokemon Movie 11. The DVD won't hit stores until late March. Although, at this point, I'm not sure if it will coincide with the 3/22 release of Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo DS or if it will be released on 3/31 as Amazon seems to be listing. Either way, the CN showing is still over a month before the video release so if you can't wait to see it, this is your best chance.


PS - I'm currently in the process on finalizing some convention appearances, so expect another update soon.

Onward to 2009!

Well, things are looking good for 2009.

The "M&M Adventure" game that I worked on over the summer is now available for the Wii (with a PS2 version due out in the next month or two). It's not perfect, but I am enjoying it much more than 2007's "M&M Kart Racing" game. In this one, I return as the voice of Red & Yellow, although this time you can tell which is which (a problem that plagued KR). Red, Yellow and Green are the only three playable characters this time and the game is a lot like a "Crash Bandicoot" or "Jak & Daxter" type game. I also provide the voices for a few of the level bosses in the game as well, but they are in the later stages so you'll need to play for a while to hear 'em. Look for the game at your local Best Buy or on for just $20. The PS2 version is listed for a 2/10/09 release at $12.99!

I also recently got called back from a hiatus at Everest studios (home of the Ebru network) to work on some more shows. (
While I was saddened to see production for "Tarchin and Friends" move to CA, I am currently doing some work on "Cold February" among others. Dubbing live action is a little different than animation or puppets, but it's still an interesting process.

My pal Cesar is optimistic that "Dark Passages" will be moving forward in 2009. We suffered a few setbacks in 2008, as he had other projects to work on, but I am hoping to get back in front of the camera again. Check out "" for more info.

And of interesting note, I just got an email from Chase Wilson about another safety film project that is upcoming. I have worked with them on the Universal Safety Squad films in the past and I am looking forward to working them again.

Not too shabby for the first week of the new year.
I'll keep ya posted!

Back from Zenkaikon

Hey, had a great time at Zenkaikon this last weekend.
The two day event was short but sweet, and a welcome break from my hectic schedule.
That pretty much wraps my con schedule for the 2008 season, but I'm sure there will be more great fun in 2009.
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